Bring On theFlame

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It is possible that I may never learn to chop anything like the chefs on TV.  Because I have the grace of a drunken goat, it is actually probable that I am more likely to come away with a stump where my finger used to be.  I have accepted this sad truth, but it does not stop me from wanting to pull off something “Food Network Cool” just once.  The question is, what brings as much fun to the table as really sharp objects?  The answer, of course, is fire.
Fire has been there through all of man’s great culinary steps.  From our ancient forefathers cooking meat on an open fire in a cave to flaming marshmallow fights at a campground surrounded by nylon tents, fire has been a constant.  Though in the case of flaming marshmallows, clearly alcohol has been there as well.  You just have to picture it… flaming marshmallows on sticks getting flung to and fro.  Sticking to whatever they hit like tiny balls of napalm.  Sorry the human cigarette told me about it once and it brought tears of glee to my eyes.  Really outstandingly bad idea in real life, but hysterical in concept.
But, I digress.  I was talking about food and flame.   Bringing food and flame together is something I definitely missed out on before I had a gas stove.  Now I am finally able and willing to roast my own red peppers.  The surprising bit, considering who it is doing the roasting, is that it is just as easy in real life as it looked on TV.  How many times can you say that?  If, for the sake of argument, finding a husband was as simple as the folks on the Bachelor made it out to be, I would be married several times over.   There is no real recipe for this one.  Set pepper on fire.  Blacken the skin.  Let cool and the skin rubs right off.  Remove stem and seeds and you are done.  Yummy!  Toss with pasta, add to pizza dip…use your imagination.  If you are not fortunate enough to have a gas stove can use your broiler although some of the fun is taken out.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go drink some nice wine and see about adding some sizzle to life by inventing indoor flaming marshmallow games.  Maybe combining with basketball….

roasting a marshmallow

Just gotta get a good flame then bombs away!